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Overcoming the anxiety that comes with making a double sale move

Posted by Chris and Angela Dinnell on March 7, 2022

We have been in the game long enough to see that this is a very common stressor for many of our clients, who are both selling their current home and then purchasing the next one.

The big question is, how are we going to make this all work out? From the timelines, and the risk of not finding “the right one”, to finding the time to both house hunt and prepare your home for sale, these are huge fears to many people and sometimes, these fears actually prevent them from getting started at all, even though they are in a financial position to move up on the real estate ladder.

Im here to tell you that this is a common anxiety, and that it’s ok to feel a little overwhelmed (at first). But the great news is, we have some tips for you that will break this whole process down and allow you to make your move with pleasure and excitement. Always keep in mind that real estate dreams do come true!

Here are our tips to helping you sell your current home, and purchase your next one!

1. Choose the right Realtor. We talk about this a lot, and for good reason. Your sale and purchase could be slow moving, or quick moving! You need a Realtor who can keep on pace, and get the job done, while managing your fears and stress and can stay on top of absolutely everything and anticipate your needs along the way.

2. Create a plan for both your sale and your purchase with your Realtor. Pro tip, if this is not something that your Realtor initiates with you, you dont have the right agent for the job. This should be done at the first meeting.

3. Follow a step-by-step plan and execute it immediately. This list starts with the home prep for your listing, and moves throughout the process. Big challenges are much easier to tackle, physically and mentally when broken down in to little steps. Work from that list everyday, and ask for support when you need it.

4. Keep an open mind and keep the faith! Unless you are for a unicorn in a haystack, you can find the next best home, and win in negotiations. We do this all the time!

5. Dont overprice your current home. This will not help you to achieve a quick sale. Market value would be our recommendation to you to be successful in a timely sale.

this is a common anxiety, and it’s ok to feel a little overwhelmed

6. Be ready to view homes as soon as they hit the market. Immediately.

7. Work with the needs of both the buyer of your home, and the seller of your purchase. Being difficult can mess up either sale, and that could mean losing out on your dream home.

8. Stay positive, and in full communication with your support crew, and Realtor. You can do this, with help, and the results will be so worth it for you.

For more tips on selling your current home and purchasing the next one, reach out to us! We can lead you through this process with ease!

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