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Finding the “Right One”

Posted by Chris and Angela Dinnell on March 7, 2022

If you are searching for your first home, or your dream home, or any new home for that matter, you might have some anxiety related to knowing when you have found the right one.


There are no lights or fireworks that go off when you walk into the right one, so how are you supposed to know?  Some people experience a feeling that comes over them when they walk into their next home.  We have seen that a lot.  But some people struggle between two to three homes and feel anxious about making the right decision.  In the end, we have never seen a client say, man, I wish I picked the other house!  That’s because we walk them through a process to help them choose the perfect home.  This can be done very simply, and shouldn’t feel overwhelming at all.


If you are worried that you might not make the right choice, we have a few tips for you to consider when selecting your next home, or, your ultimate dream home.


First, consider the location.  This is so important.  Does this location work well for your daily life, and will it make life convenient or more difficult?  Consider traffic patterns, locations of work, school, and your regular commitments.

If it passes the location test with flying colors, move on to step two.  Let’s now look at the size of the home.  Is this home large enough for everyone who will be living there, or will it be tight?  Tight quarters aren’t the best, as people often move for this reason specifically. So make sure that you spend time imagining your family living in this home before moving on to the next step.


Next, is there work to be done to make this home liveable to you?  If so, are you happy to do the work and does the work fit into your budget?  Will it make the home more work or money than it’s actually worth?  spend some time thinking about that.

There are no lights or fireworks that go off when you walk into the right one, so how are you supposed to know?

Moving on to the next step, which we really think is important to most people, and that is the layout of the house.  The overall design concept.  Are you happy with it?  Does it offer you what you were thinking when you set out to purchase a new home?  Many people prefer an open concept, and if that is you, would you be happy settling for a closed-off concept?  Consider the ages of the family members for this one too.  If you need to keep an eye on small kids, an open concept might be a must-have for you.


Our last couple tips are to consider the overall condition, interior and exterior, outdoor space, and overall vibe.  Are these things all checked off as amazing or at the very least, good for your needs?  If so, you may have just found the right one!  Sleeping on it can help a lot too.  Driving by a few times is also recommended!


We are quite confident that if you follow those easy steps that you can feel quite confident when making your decision on your next home.


For more information on a home search, feel free to reach out to us anytime.


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