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How to move to a new city…

Posted by Chris and Angela Dinnell on March 7, 2022

One way that Angela and Chris differ is where they grew up, and the places that they have lived in their lives.

As many of you know, Chris was born and raised in Richmond, he has lived here for almost 42 years, and to say he knows the city’s back roads like he knows his hockey would be an understatement.  Angela was born in a little town in BC, called Terrace.  From there, she has lived in many cities in the Lower Mainland, as well as a short stint in Fort McMurray, Alberta.  Locally, she has lived in Langley, Cloverdale, Abbotsford, Burnaby, and Richmond.  Most of her childhood was spent in Langley, but it honestly never felt like home to her, which is why she is here in Richmond as an adult.  She has raised her kids here, although her youngest child was actually born in Fort McMurray.  That will always be one of his fun facts!

We want to talk about this today, as many of our clients have moved out of the city and some out of the province.  This can be challenging for some, especially those who aren’t so adventurous, as it can feel like you have lost your footing when making even a small move, just over a bridge away!


We’re going to share our tips with you, some of which were intentionally executed, and some were learned in hindsight.

We’re going to start by saying, it’s much easier if you visit your new area several times before making the move.  If you know the neighborhood, that’s a bonus.  The direct area will be your daily go-to for necessities, so make sure that it’s got what you need and that you are comfortable there.

it can feel like you have lost your footing when making even a small move, just over a bridge away!

Also, you’ll want to find out what kinds of amenities for social activities are close by.  That’s anything from restaurants to gyms and everything in between that suits your lifestyle.  The closer you get to your routine, the faster you will settle.  If you have children, seek out your preferred schools or daycare in advance of making your home search.  You’ll want to get involved in your community at some level, as soon as possible.  Both at your workplace and outside of that.  Finding your place in your community is so crucial to feeling like you have a purpose and a sense of belonging.  If you have kids, set this up for them as well.  Transitions come easier to some more than others, and you’ll want to watch for clues to see how your whole family is adapting to the change.


Doing as much advanced research and preparation, as well as talking to your family about the changes repeatedly can make all the difference and can ease a lot of anxiety.  Once moved, get out there and connect everywhere.  Do one thing per day that scares you (in a good way) in your new city, and we promise the change will come easy.


For more information on a home search or on relocating to a new city, feel free to contact us!

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