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How to prepare your home for sale

Posted by Chris and Angela Dinnell on March 7, 2022

If you are planning a move in 2022 and needing to sell your current home, you might be wondering what the best way is to go about it


It’s actually an easy process, it’s best to break it down into stages (and we talk about this a lot) so that the process runs smoothly.  Many of our clients exhibit signs of stress when we first meet with them, but are quickly explained how breaking things down into stages can help them.  It works!  Trust us on that.


So, what are these stages we refer to?  Well, today we will share the main steps and just in point form reference to keep it light, and give you a basic understanding of what you can expect, when preparing your home for sale.


The first thing you want to do, is make sure you are listing for the right reasons.  If you are someone who just wants to test the market, to see what kind of a price you can get, but dont have intentions to sell unless you can get much more than your home is worth, that would be an example of selling for the wrong reason.  You enlist a lot of help with home selling, and that whole process can be a waste of everyone’s time, including everyone who has taken the time to view your home, and the potential buyers who have submitted offers. It’s very easy to find out what your home is worth and what it can sell for, you just need to reach out to your Realtor and they can give you a realistic window for your expected sale price, based on the current market stats for your neighbourhood and similar properties.  If those numbers dont work for you, you might want to hold off and check in with your Realtor every 3-6 months to get an updated market evaluation.


If you are ready to list, you’ll want to meet with a Realtor to come up with your game plan.  The game plan should include a unique marketing plan that is suitable for your property type, and your timeline.  Dont be afraid to ask a few Realtors what they would do in order to market your property.  Chances are that one agent will stick out against the others, and you will know which route to go.


Next, you will want to begin with decluttering, pre packing some items and either complete a DIY stage, or discuss staging options with your Realtor.  We have a ton of options in today’s climate to be able to make your home look its best, and it will be worth it in the end.  Don’t assume that just because the market is hot that your home will fly off the shelf.  If it looks great, you will get more cash in your pocket than if you didnt bother with this process at all.


Make sure you have a comfortable timeline for moving.  Rushing and having unrealistic expectations creates tons of stress!  So, work through the timelines and what if’s before you list, so you have a plan and a back up plan.  Sometimes this is not possible, but often it is, if you put some thought into it in advance.

We have a ton of options in today’s climate to be able to make your home look its best, and it will be worth it in the end.

Create a flexible showing calendar with your Realtor.  Our personal recommendation to all of our clients is to show your home every time there is a request.  You dont know who your buyer is, and turning away showings is risky.  That showing at 6:30pm during dinner could have been your buyer, but you turned it down due to inconvenience, now they have moved on and wrote an offer on another property.  It’s not ideal, and please expect when you sell your home that your “regular programming” will be interrupted temporarily.  If you have a set schedule and that is discussed up front, its really easy for your Realtor to work around it, but communication is key!


Look for your next property while your home is for sale.  Many people want to wait on this, because they fear losing out on a property that they may fall in love with while they wait for their home to sell, but that’s also risky.  You might be moving into a rental or purchasing your next home, but either way, get out and look!  Consider it market research in the meantime.  More often than not, the timing works out magically for many people when this part of the process is taking place.


Lastly, create a plan with your family or whoever is living in the home to keep it neat and tidy during the listing process, and that also includes pets!  Decide in advance if the pets will be home for showings or whether they will go out.  This is all going to depend on your pets, and whether you are comfortable with them being home when you arent, and how they will react to strangers in the home.  If you have pets, choose a Realtor who is comfortable with your pets, as they can often help you create a plan for showings to work around this challenge.


Everything is “figureoutable” when broken down into steps and considered in advance!


For more information on how to prepare your home for sale, and to learn about our unique marketing plan for your home, reach out to us.

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