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How to navigate through a subject free offer situation in today’s market

Posted by Chris and Angela Dinnell on March 7, 2022

We are still in it!  The land of subject free offers coming in HOT, left, right and center!  Faster than you can say, “what about an inspection”, the home has since been sold firm.


We can talk about the frustrations, or we can talk about some options!  We choose the latter.  So today, we are going to talk briefly about ways that you could navigate through this process with some sanity and potentially make a subject-free offer if that option makes sense for you. Or, if subject-free is not an option, ways to make your offer a little stronger to help it stand out.


On that note, many people are not in a position to make a subject-free offer.  So, please don’t feel that each and every offer coming in looks that way.  It is not advisable to give up all your security when making a home purchase. It is a risk, and that risk can be quite major if you do not know what you are doing.   If you are needing a mortgage, then having a pre-approval isn’t quite enough to go subject-free.  You’ll want to err on the side of caution here as the bank still needs to approve the property you wish to be funded for, so you need to look at it as though both you and the property need to be granted the green light from the bank.  We have seen before where a pre-approved person placed a subject-free offer on a unit, and the bank didn’t like the property and didn’t want to lend on it, but it was too late as the offer had been accepted.  So tread lightly in this area, and if you are buying strata make sure you read the strata documents in full.  You’ll want to work with a stellar mortgage broker who can be one step ahead and can get started on the pre-approval for your chosen property purchase prior to the offer presentation.  This is so important.

The land of subject free offers coming in HOT, left, right and center!

If you would like to keep the “Subject to Financing” clause in your contract (which is the smart move), include a pre-approval letter with your offer.  The buyer will see that you have the bank’s blessing and will be less worried about accepting your offer.


If you would like to do an inspection but feel pressured to remove that subject from your offer, consider having it completed prior to the offer presentation so that you can rest assured that the home will be in a condition suitable for you.  The risk of not winning the offer and losing out on the fee for the inspection will be much easier to swallow than buying into a home, without knowing anything.  Most homeowners are open to letting this happen in advance.  We had a listing two years ago that had three inspectors in the home at the same time, for three different potential buyers.  That wasn’t a favorable situation, but we wanted to ensure that all potential buyers were getting their needs met with the allotted time available prior to the offer presentation.


Those were just a couple of tips, as there is always more to know and more to share when it comes to making an offer,  so please feel free to reach out to us if you would like more information on navigating the 2022 market.

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