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5 ways you can be a good neighbour – condo edition

Posted by Chris and Angela Dinnell on April 7, 2022

Being a good neighbor… underrated. Having good neighbours is also underrated. We covet our home as a safe space that offers peace, rest, and balance (or at least we all want those things), and having a good relationship with the neighbors can actually play a role in achieving this.

Over the next few weeks, we will give you tips on how to be a good neighbor, cause
let’s face it, we can only control ourselves and our actions. Often if we do things to
help our neighbors, that kindness will be returned. It’s best for everyone’s sake to
make a friend with the one who lives the closest to you, although some people
really struggle with how to do that, or just find some common ground with their

For the next 3 weeks, we will give you insightful tips on:
How to be a good neighbor- Condo Edition
How to be a good neighbor- Townhome Edition
How to be a good neighbor- Single Family Home Edition

We split them up because what works for one style of living is not always the right
thing to do, or even acceptable in another living situation. So watch for each week’s
tips and see if there was something new that you hadn’t thought of.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into, “How to be a good neighbor – condo
edition” These will be general tips for both renters and homeowners. Keep in
mind you are in very close quarters with each other and things can feel really small
or too close for comfort at times.

1. Keep your noise levels down. That’s your TV, music, voice, instruments, pets,
kids, and appliances & baby-making sounds. All of those things can drive the
neighbors wild. All of those things can really cause a lot of upset for other
people. For example, if you perform with an orchestra, and you play the trombone,
maybe don’t live in a condo, or find someplace else to practice.

2. Food smells. For the love of god cook with the windows open, if you are cooking
fish, lamb, mushrooms, I’m sure this list could go on and on, but you get the
point. If you are cooking anything with a strong smell that wafts under the front
door and seeps down the shared hall, be a good neighbor and do your best to
prevent that. Some of the older buildings really are bad for this, so try to keep that
in mind. The food just doesn’t smell as good, on the other side of the door.

Don’t talk trash about your neighbors on Facebook pages or in Facebook

3. Don’t take parking spots that are not yours. That includes visitor spots, unused
spots designated to other units, handicap (doesn’t matter if you are just doing
something for a minute or two), or any other spot that is not allocated to you. This
is common in most buildings and is often a topic at council meetings.

4. Don’t smoke weed, cigarettes, or light incense in your unit. Sorry! It smells and
it gets into the neighbor’s units. It’s awful. We have all suffered this at some
point. Be a good neighbor and just go outside. It’s most likely not allowed in your
unit anyhow.

5. Don’t talk trash about your neighbors on Facebook pages or in Facebook
groups. You look bad in the end for the gossip, plus it’s only your side of the story –
which we all know may or may not be the full truth. If you have an issue you are
more likely to get it solved by dealing with the neighbor instead of the entire local
community. There. I said it. Plus, you know, it could get back to them.

If you would like more information on how to be a better neighbor, reach out to us. We are always happy to help.

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