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5 ways you can be a good neighbour – townhome edition

Posted by Chris and Angela Dinnell on April 14, 2022

Ok, let’s roll right into week 2, which is the Townhome Edition of being a good neighbor, and tips to help you get there! Many people think they are good neighbors when in fact, they may do things to upset their neighbors without even knowing!

We are just here to break the ice and help you see the truth about what is found annoying and what is found to be helpful. Last week we focused on what not to do, condo-style, so this week we are looking at some positive things that we all could do to keep the peace and foster a good friendship with your neighbors.

1. Bring in items from the rain for them! Sometimes things blow out into the non-covered areas and get wet, so help the neighbor out if you see this happen before they get home. That could be anything that was left at the front door (including papers and light packages) and help to keep them dry.

2. This might sound like a no-brainer, but buy your own things to take care of the shared garden space and grass. We have heard before of a neighbor situation where one neighbor kept using the other neighbor’s hose without asking, and it was also their water consumption as well. This was really upsetting to the person whose hose was being used, So get your own hoses and things to take care of your space.

3. If you host any kind of gatherings, have your guests street park when possible to not take up 100% of the allotted visitor spots, especially if they are young and able-bodied to walk into the complex. Save the close spots for someone who may have a guest who doesn’t walk well.

keep the peace and foster a good friendship with your neighbors.

4. Don’t play loud music or pretend to be a DJ in a townhome complex, this one is far more common than you might think.

5. Pitch in when the complex comes together to make improvements of any kind or plans to host something to improve the spirit and morale in the complex. It’s a great way to be involved, and get to know people.

If you would like more information on how to be a better neighbor, reach out to us. We are always happy to help.

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