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Pre Inspection, should you do it?

Posted by Chris and Angela Dinnell on June 13, 2022

This is a common topic that we come back to time and time again, as it’s something that many people want to know before they list their home. Should we get the work done in advance that needs repair, or should we leave it as is?

Often a pre-inspection would be the route used to determine what work is needing to be done, as many homeowners arent fully in the know about what potential negatives are lurking in their home, in terms of repairs required.

Having a pre-inspection done puts you in the driver’s seat of your sale, so it’s always a great idea if you don’t mind footing the bill for this inspection. A great time to consider this is during an active buyers market. If there is a ton of competing inventory on the market, taking care of any repairs in advance of the listing is just a smart move.

Having a pre-inspection done puts you in the driver’s seat of your sale

If there are a ton of things to do, and you just don’t want to do any of them, you will most likely be reducing the overall sale price for your home, in lieu of completing the repairs needing to be done.

Some of the major issues that come up often are water leaks, electrical issues, water and mold damage, insulation issues, foundation issues, and window issues. Sometimes a buyer will request to have the work finished before the sale completes, and sometimes they ask for money off the already agreed upon sale price. The seller may say no, or may choose to appease the buyer to close on the sale.

Buyers also want to know the age of the roof, hot water tank, furnace, and home in general. These are the big-ticket items in terms of cost to replace (along with windows), so having anything newer in this department is a huge plus for a potential buyer.

For more info on getting your home pre-inspected before you list, reach out to us.

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