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Pre Inspection, should you do it?

Often a pre-inspection would be the route used to determine what work is needing to be done, as many homeowners arent fully in the know about what potential negatives are lurking in their home, in terms of repairs required.

Finding the “Right One”

If you are searching for your first home, or your dream home, or any new home for that matter, you might have some anxiety related to knowing when you have found the right one.

How to navigate through a subject free offer situation...

We are still in it!  The land of subject free offers coming in HOT, left, right and center!  Faster than you can say, “what about an inspection”, the home has since been sold firm.

Why bargain hunting is a bad idea

We all want a deal. But when it comes to shopping for a home, bargain hunting can be a really bad idea.

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