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Things to consider when purchasing a vacation home

Many people are interested in purchasing a vacation home but don’t know where to start in the process. It can be a little daunting to make decisions, with so many variables that can come up, depending on where you want to buy.

Moving Day Tips

Moving day can be a stressful day, and it’s sure to be a long one too. Since moving is our specialty, we thought we would compile a list of tips to help your moving day go as smoothly as possible!

Thank you!

Our Taco eating contest was held on June 27th, and we had a ton of people watching in person as well as on our Facebook live feed! The event was a massive success, with approximately 100K raised! 100% of the proceeds goes to Wigs For Kids BC!

Why REALTOR® teams are an easy choice

Back in the day, or as we like to say “olden days”, Realtors worked alone and either burned out repeatedly from working around the clock to service all their clients, or, were just plain inefficient and took too long to reply, or show you homes or, or , or … It’s not exactly a 9 am-5 pm job. Its more of a 7 days per week, 12- hour shifts (if you are lucky enough to stay busy).

Pre Inspection, should you do it?

Often a pre-inspection would be the route used to determine what work is needing to be done, as many homeowners arent fully in the know about what potential negatives are lurking in their home, in terms of repairs required.

How to set up a ‘zen den’ on a budget.

If you are lucky enough to have a whole room dedicated to the act of getting or being zen, fantastic.  Some might not, and that’s ok.  An area, a small space that’s tucked away (preferably) is enough.

Got Ants? Top tips to get rid of them

As ant season is upon us, we got to work to complete a list of things you can do to deter them from coming into your home. There are some simple, cost-effective DIY solutions that can make your ant problem history before you know it.

5 ways you can be a good neighbour – detached edition

You would think it was much easier to be a good neighbor when you are living in your own home, versus a condo-style situation, simply for the fact that you are in different buildings.

5 ways you can be a good neighbour – townhome edition

Ok, let’s roll right into week 2, which is the Townhome Edition of being a good neighbor, and tips to help you get there! Many people think they are good neighbors when in fact, they may do things to upset their neighbors without even knowing!

5 ways you can be a good neighbour – condo edition

We covet our home as a safe space that offers peace, rest, and balance (or at least we all want those things), and having a good relationship with the neighbors can actually play a role in achieving this.

Determining a home’s value

Oftentimes, we will hear people say things like, “whoa, did you see the house three doors down is listed, and did you see for how much? That’s crazy big money and it seems like a good idea to sell our house too since they are asking so much”.

Overcoming the anxiety that comes with making a double sale move

Having anxiety about making a double sale move? The big question for a lot of people is, how are we going to make this all work out?

How to downsize with ease

Downsizing. It’s a daunting word for many. It can be overwhelming to say the least for many people as they prepare for the next stages of their lives.

How to prepare your home for sale

If you are planning a move in 2022 and needing to sell your current home, you might be wondering what the best way is to go about it…

Finding the “Right One”

If you are searching for your first home, or your dream home, or any new home for that matter, you might have some anxiety related to knowing when you have found the right one.

Do it yourself, or hire out?

Many people struggle with this question when it comes to all sorts of repair and maintenance decisions around the home.  Do I just do it myself or, hire out?

How to navigate through a subject free offer situation in today’s market

We are still in it!  The land of subject free offers coming in HOT, left, right and center!  Faster than you can say, “what about an inspection”, the home has since been sold firm.

How to move to a new city…

One way that Angela and Chris differ is where they grew up, and the places that they have lived in their lives…

How to get curb appeal

If you are looking to make the outside of your home more appealing, and stand out from the rest of the homes on your street (or just fit in with the other homes)…

Viewing your home from the buyer’s perspective

There’s an old saying that before you sell something, you need to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Here are some ways to do that when it comes to selling your home.

Why bargain hunting is a bad idea

We all want a deal. But when it comes to shopping for a home, bargain hunting can be a really bad idea.

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